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Dr. Laila Familiar offers instructional coaching for teachers to improve their teaching methods and engage students more effectively. Discover the art of teaching Arabic with skill and passion.

Language Coaching

Tailored courses designed for working professionals who wish to reach Advanced and Superior levels of Arabic. Dr. Laila works closely with the clients to meet their individual goals and needs.

Institutional Growth & Guidance

Customized solutions to institutions in the areas of curricular design, teaching practices, student engagement, and programmatic structure. Dr. Laila Familiar’s expert guidance paves the way for excellent educational experiences.

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    Dr. Laila

    Dr. Laila Familiar is a Senior Lecturer of Arabic at New York University Abu Dhabi and holds over 20 years of global experience in shaping the field of Arabic language education. Beyond the classroom, she’s been instrumental in enhancing Arabic language education and proficiency assessments. Recognized with the Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Award, Dr. Familiar leads innovative curricular projects and workshops, and she is often engaged in academic consultancies.

    Let’s explore the fascinating world of Arabic language instruction together.


    Projects & Publications

    Hoda Barakat’s Sayyidi wa Habibi

    A novel by renowned Lebanese author Hoda Barakat, simplified to meet the needs of Advanced learners of Arabic. The book is accompanied by a set of activities that helps teachers and students enjoy the plot. All in Arabic!


    Khallina is an open source website that can be used for free to explore Arab culture and learn Arabic. It contains Cultural Modules at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, on a variety of subject matters …

    A Frequency Dictionary of Contemporary Arabic Fiction

    The dictionary addresses key areas of Arabic language learning and teaching, including lexical frequency, reading skills, and Arabic literature. Each entry in the main frequency index includes …


    From the beginning of our first session I became aware that I was in the presence of a wise and special mentor and trainer. Laila was sensitive and curious to the challenges and special needs I was facing while teaching Arabic in Mexico. I have no doubt that Laila’s mentorship can positively contribute to any classroom where Arabic is taught.

    Shadi Rohana - Center for Asian and African Studies El Colegio de México, Mexico City

    Dr. Laila Familiar served with high distinction as senior academic advisor at American Councils for overseas immersion programs of Arabic. Laila’s expertise combines innovative use of technologies, best practices in competency-based instruction, and deep understanding of the challenges faced by teachers and students of Arabic at all levels.

    Dan Davidson - President Emeritus, American Councils for International Education

    An accomplished teacher in her own right, Laila is a thoughtful mentor to Arabic instructors at all levels. She applies her profound knowledge of the field and her long experience with high achieving programs to help bring exceptional effectiveness to Arabic instructional teams. Engaging and methodical, Laila's guidance can enhance teachers’ skills at any level.

    Sonia Shiri - Director of the Arabic Flagship Program, The University of Arizona

    Professor Familiar illuminates the life and history of the Arabian Gulf. Through this hand tailored course, I was finally able to bridge the gap between Media Arabic and Arabic Literature. Professor Familiar listened thoughtfully to my goals and experience as a second language learner. Through one-on-one sessions in Arabic, we discussed desert proverbs, oil, and colonialism...

    Chandra Whalen - U.S. Diplomat

    Laila Familiar developed and delivered an engaging and valuable two-day workshop for the language teaching staff at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter on Using Literature in TAFL & Designing Abridged Literary Materials. Not only was the workshop engaging and very useful, but also fun! Laila was truly passionate...

    Abla Odeh - Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies Director, University of Exeter

    I've had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Laila Familiar in various professional settings, and each experience has been incredibly enriching. Her unwavering passion and extensive knowledge in teaching Arabic, coupled with her commitment to staying updated on the latest pedagogical practices, make her an invaluable resource.

    Radwa El Barouni - Director of Arabic Language Program at Penn University

    Dr. Laila Familiar, a pioneer in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, mentored me during my UT Austin studies. Experienced, creative, and a leader in Second Language Acquisition, she excels in curriculum design and teaching literature. Her unique gift lies in both language proficiency and effective teaching.

    Katy Whiting - Program Director, Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture, Jordan

    A linguist of exceptional merit, seamlessly integrates expertise with contemporary pedagogical styles. As an Arabic language teacher, writer, and presenter, she imparts knowledge with a dynamic and practical approach. Her engaging presentations offer an outstanding learning experience, making her a valuable asset to the Arabic language-learning community.

    Mimi Melkonian - President of New York Arabic Teachers' Council

    Dr. Laila Familiar is a great teacher and mentor. She worked with me on pedagogy and curriculum design. She gave me the space to explain my needs and what I wanted to learn before she guided me through the process and modeled best practices for me. Laila is very methodical in her work , and she is generous in her feedback...

    Mohammed El Hamzaoui - Arabic Language Program Coordinator at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Laila Familiar is a visionary teacher and developer. She has been a key player in positive developments on numerous fronts in Arabic language teaching. Just a few minutes with Khallina, a terrific resource for students and teachers, will give you a sense of her expertise.

    Kirk Belnap - Professor of Arabic and Arabic Flagship Director, Brigham Young University

    Let’s explore the fascinating world of Arabic language instruction together.

    Upgrade your skills with personalized coaching for enhanced teaching, inspired students, and innovative instruction!

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