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Dr. Laila Familiar, Senior Lecturer of Arabic at New York University in Abu Dhabi, is an accomplished teacher of Arabic and an instructional coach. With 20 years of experience teaching and overseeing various language programs in the Middle East and the U.S., Laila is an expert in the field of Arabic language education, curricular design, and teacher training and mentoring


What does it mean to be an excellent teacher of Arabic? How can we motivate learners? Are some teaching strategies more effective than others? How can we make Arabic language programs perform at an outstanding level?

Instructional coaching offers Arabic teachers an opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices and it helps administrators raise the quality of their language program. Tailored to the unique needs of teachers and programs, instructional coaching increases teachers’ effectiveness, student’s engagement with Arabic language and culture, and ultimately leads to better language results. Because students deserve excellent instruction every day, and teachers ongoing professional development.


If you teach Arabic at the school or college level and you want to see constant improvement and innovation in your teaching, I am here to help you develop your instructional practice through a personalized coaching program. I can offer you guidance, whether online or on-site, to become a better teacher and to inspire your students. Through ongoing support and feedback, I’ll provide you with the tools to effective teaching and you will see your skills improve and your talent grow.


The performance of Arabic programs is measured by the skill and expertise of their teachers on the one hand, and the linguistic competence achieved by their students on the other. Reaching outstanding performance requires designing programs that meet curricular standards and also ensuring that students are engaged in the learning process. For this to happen, we need to enable teachers to deliver high-quality instruction.


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