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My Career

Throughout my career, I have conducted workshops and webinars, globally trained teachers and worked on reshaping the landscape of Arabic language education.

My contributions also extend to Arabic language assessment, where I actively participated in the development of proficiency tests, including the ACTFL Listening and Reading Computer-Adaptive Test. Moreover, I have authored scholarly works, edited short novels for Arabic learners and launched an innovative platform called ‘Khallina’, dedicated to exploring Arab cultures through open-source audiovisuals.

I am currently writing a textbook for teaching modern Arabic short stories, developing an Arabic Vocabulary Profile based on CEFR guidelines, and designing a series of Graded Readers tailored for Arabic learners.

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My Articles

The Language Flagship (2023)
Developing Intercultural Competence in Superior-Level Arabic Classrooms

Article in Qantara (2023)
ما ينقصنا لصناعة كتب عربية تجذب الأطفال واليافعين

Article in Raseef22 (2022)
هل يقرأ أطفال العرب قريباً بلهجاتهم المحلية؟

Al-Fanar Media (2021)
Songs From Palestine: A Meaningful Addition to Arabic Language Teaching

My Interviews

Featured in al-Ittihad on the Arabic Language Day (2022)

Jury member in the Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature (2022)

Featured for her work in the field of Arabic (2020)

Inter-Lingual Translation as Pedagogy: Arabic Text Simplification (2016)

Some of Laila Familiar’s prestigious honors and grants in the field of Arabic education.

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