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Why instructional coaching? Because behind motivated learners, there is always a great teacher.

As teachers of Arabic, we all want to engage our students to the maximum and see them become proficient in the language. But sometimes questions arise: Why does reading Arabic seem difficult to my students? How can I help them build their vocabulary? What is the best way to give them feedback? Can I make them speak more in class? Are there special techniques to help them gain reading fluency? How can I use the Arabic textbook efficiently and supplement it? What’s the best way to grade students’ work?

In my experience, the answer to these questions (and many others) comes through lots of classroom practice, research reading, and constant professional development; and sometimes it can take years. For this reason, and because the field is moving at a fast pace and the stakes are higher than ever, I believe that every teacher of Arabic deserves the benefit of high-quality coaching and guidance, at various stages of their career.

If you teach Arabic at the high school or college level and you want to see constant improvement and innovation in your teaching, I am here to help you develop your instructional practice through a personalized coaching program. I can offer you guidance, whether online or on-site, to become a better teacher of Arabic and to inspire your students. Through ongoing support and feedback, I will provide you with the tools to effective teaching and you will see your skills improve and your talent grow.

*All my sessions are designed to meet your individual needs, and they are kept strictly confidential.

Things I can help you with:

  • Using Arabic textbooks
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching strategies
  • Confidence building
  • Designing materials & courses
  • Creating assessment tools
  • Professional development
  • Maintaining your Arabic language

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