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The performance of Arabic programs is measured by the skill and expertise of their teachers on the one hand, and the linguistic competence achieved by their students on the other. Reaching outstanding performance requires designing programs that meet curricular standards and also ensuring that students are engaged in the learning process. For this to happen, we need to enable teachers to deliver high-quality instruction.

If you offer Arabic language courses at your institution and you want to take your team to the next level, I can provide on-site or online training and coaching to support your teachers’ professional growth and help them reach the highest standards of instruction, assessment and curricular design.

Coaching is a successful way to develop incoming teachers of Arabic, and it helps more experienced ones improve their teaching skills. By providing feedback and following up with teachers who have gone through formal training and education, we can help them transfer their knowledge to the classroom more effectively. This, in turn, translates into improved student learning.
I firmly believe that educational excellence is created through a sustained investment in teachers’ professional development and a partnership between teachers, mentors and administrators.

To learn how teachers of Arabic can benefit from this type of collaboration, click here.

My services include:

  • Teacher coaching & mentoring
  • Classroom visits & observation
  • Curriculum consultations
  • Assessment consultations
  • Teacher training workshops
  • Talks and presentations

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